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    Society for Promotion of
    Hydrogen Energy
    Hydrogen Association of India (HAI)
    has spearheaded the promotion of hydrogen energy based
    programs on larger scale in India.


At the end of last century Knowledge and Natural Gas were assigned as hall mark of 21st Century, but now we have realized in the first few years of this century that the Natural Gas alone will not be able to help us reduce our movement for containing and reducing the CO2 emission. In the process of decarburizing our sources of energy, the scientists world over have accelerated the innovations on finding sustainable alternate sources of energy, and we believe that the research is narrowing down to "zero carbon fuel Hydrogen", which only has the potential to fulfill the need to be a clean, reliable and sustainable energy carrier, satisfying the need of both - the hearth and the wheel.

Scientists, in the olden days were unknowingly producing Hydrogen in their labs. Robert Boyle produced Hydrogen gas as early as 1671 in an experiment with iron and acids. However, it took almost a century before it was finally recognized as a distinct element by Henry Cavendish in 1766.

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