About Our Society

Society for Promotion of Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) has spearheaded the promotion of hydrogen energy based programs on larger scale in India. The formation of Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) has provided impetus to the hydrogen research activities in the country of INDIA. HAI endowed with a common platform for sharing experiences regarding the latest technological trends in generation, usage and safety issues related to application of hydrogen as automotive fuel & other purposes. HAI is an excellent platform for the networking opportunities for one & all who want to contribute for the cause of Hydrogen Economy for a new world order. Emerging Challenges in the field of Hydrogen Energy which have been identified so far by HAI are:

  • Hydrogen production & distribution
  • Hydrogen storage & delivery logistics.
  • Regulatory & policy related issues
  • Utilization of hydrogen as fuel in automotive applications
  • Application of hydrogen in Fuel cell & telecom towers