• 1671

    Robert Boyle discovers Hydrogen as a by-product during an experiment with iron and acids.

  • 1766

    Henry Cavendish first identifies it as a distinct element. In a demonstration to the Royal Society of London, Cavendish applied a spark to Hydrogen gas and produced water, surprising all and establishing the composition of water.

  • 1783

    Jacques Alexander Cesar Charles, a French physicist, launches an unmanned balloon filled with Hydrogen which flies to an altitude of three kilometers. In three months, he goes on a balloon flight himself.

  • 1999

    The Royal Dutch Shell Company commits to a hydrogen future by forming a Hydrogen division. Europe’s first Hydrogen fueling stations are opened in the German cities of Hamburg and Munich.

  • 2000

    The world’s first production-ready PEM fuel call for automotive applications is unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in USA.

  • 2003

    American President George W. Bush announces $1.2 billion Hydrogen fuel initiative to develop the technology for commercially viable Hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

  • 2004

    U.S Energy Department commits heavy funding worth $350.million devoted to Hydrogen research and vehicle demonstration projects for research in Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

  • 2005

    World over there is extensive Endeavour as scientific enterprises work to develop hydrogen as ideal fuel element.

  • 2009

    In India extensive research is taken up in order to develop hydrogen as a catalyst for healthy fuel. Attempts and testing are being done to develop national networks of hydrogen transport pipelines and fueling stations. The conditions in India are different and unique therefore Indian Oil partners with automotive majors to speed up this process.

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