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Emphasized on hydrogen economy that after so many years hydrogen is still far away, but the time will come with climate and sustainability issues. We should talk about short term opportunities with hydrogen as fuel and take baby steps. Hydrogen addition in Biomass to produce fuel can allow use of existing assets and vehicles in addition to promoting hydrogen usage. Steam electrolysis of water can be implemented in the existing power plants rather than closing down the power plants.

Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Former Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India

Highlighted the recent interests generated by emerging fuel cell technologies in the Indian market. Stressed upon the need of collaborations & partnerships among different stakeholders for overcoming different challenges faced by the hydrogen community. Issue of storage, distribution of hydrogen remains a concern as price of storage and distribution is almost equal to price of production for hydrogen

Dr. R. K. Malhotra, President HAI & Director General- Federation of Indian Petroleum

The synergy of oil companies as a potential fuel (hydrogen) supplier for emerging fuel cell applications. Introduced the audience to the key initiatives and future plans of IndianOil (R&D) in the field of hydrogen energy including Polymer Electrolyte Membrane and Solid Oxide fuel cells. While expressing the need to promote research & development efforts for producing low cost hydrogen, he indicated that hydrogen & fuel cell technologies must qualify the parameters of affordability, scalability and safety to attract the cost sensitive Indian consumer.

Dr. S S V Ramakumar, Director (R&D), Indian Oil Corporation Limited

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